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“It’s A Jack” offers innumerable fields of application for everybody who has “to do” with motor cars:
Dealers of New Cars present their latest models in a spectacular way never imagined before
Dealers of Second-Hand Cars offer attractive “Used Ones” in an impressive display (according to the motto: “We have nothing to hide!”)
Professional Mechanics can carry out repair jobs and maintenance work on the underside of cars even when the car hoist or repair pit is “occupied” byanother car (e.g. on exhaust, brakes, gear, power unit, bottom plate, etc.)
Petrol Stations not owning a car hoist get the opportunity of carrying out small repairs and/or maintenance work on the underside of cars “on the spot”
Professional Car Cleaners have an “easy job” without becoming “showered”. Never before has bottom-plate cleaning been more effective! And all that when best access and splendid view on parts to be cleaned is granted.
Hobby Mechanics is given a chance to work like professionals without having to use a car hoist or a pit. Any even leveled surface will do.
Tinsmiths – Varnishers – Old-Timer Restorers,…
There are plenty of possibilities for the use of “It’s A Jack” swithout limits to your imagination and fantasy.



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